Our Team

Who we are

SPEC is run by a small dedicated team of part-time contributors and volunteers. We come from diverse backgrounds and have divergent perspectives. Many of us have families, full-time jobs, are going to school, making a career change, or experiencing another major life event. We have all been affected by pandemic and climate crisis in different ways. SPEC strives to create an inclusive and accessible work environment, offering compassion, mutual respect, accountability, and flexibility to our community members. SPEC's organizational development process is evolving, as we continuously integrate new knowledge, information, technologies, data, and feedback from our community. Our approach to research and development encourages contributors to seek to understand the world by working collaboratively to change it, and reflecting critically on their efforts.

Core Contributors

Joe Torreggiani

Co-founder | Collective Administrator

Nan Eileen Mead

Research Lead

Marcus Steiner

Operations Lead

Research Associates & Fellows

Johnson Kow

Research Engineer

Lu Daley

Research Associate

Ilia de Leon

Research Associate

Kimberly Charis

Research Associate

Grant Newland

Research Associate

Julia Catalano

Research Engineer

Asia Moore


Joseph Golden

Research Associate

Matt Moore

Research Engineer

Alumni & Emeriti

Nay Farber

Carly Van Syckle

Mikayla Schneiter

Bethany Patterson

Steering Committee

Dr. Rhianna Rogers

Co-founder | Chair

James W. Schuetz P.G

Leah Harper-Lane

Marissa Lee

Isaac Fennell

Dr. Menoukha Robin Case

Charles Harrison

Alissa Steele

Erik Walter

Karina Loera