Sustainable Progress and Equality Collective

Sharing Knowledge. Building Communities.

Who We Are

Founded in June 2020, the Sustainable Progress and Equality Collective (SPEC) is an open-learning organization that empowers individuals to be catalysts for change.

SPEC's mission is to empower individuals to become globally-minded change agents by helping them learn the essential skills required to build sustainable careers and make a positive impact in their communities.

Our Values

Mutual Reciprocity

We treat our people, partners, contributors, participants, and everyone else in our communities with respect and mutual reciprocity.


Transparency is key if we want to raise awareness, inform, and advocate change. We communicate openly, sincerely, and directly.

Sustainability & Inclusivity

We believe progress is a byproduct of inclusive and sustainable practices, and that environmental and social justice are intrinsically tied.

Our Work

We want to build a community in which we will learn together, from one another, and for one another. A community in which knowledge and collaboration have no boundaries, and a community in which egos are put aside to make room for inclusive, honest relationships. Within that community, contributions of any kind are welcome, as long as they enable us to support, produce, and achieve more. Our community building efforts are focused on three core activities.

  • Using participatory, data-driven research to create actions, initiatives, and propose solutions, so people may meet other members of their communities, promote sustainable relationship building, social innovation, and collective action.
  • Providing mentoring, training, and internships to people from underrepresented groups to help them get into the job market and become financially independent and sustainable.
  • Hosting events, gatherings, and workshops to facilitate direct networking opportunities, as well as face-to-face knowledge exchange.
For me, SPEC’s model has been a cross between a laboratory and a playground: I have tested ideas and made mistakes, all while feeling safe and supported. I’ve learned that there are many opportunities available to apply my talents, and ways I can help build a fairer world.
– Nay Farber
As a non-traditional student, I entered college with a clear vision for what I wanted my education and career to look like. However, because of the perspective and experience I gained from my education, I seriously reconsidered my career plans during my last year of school and I’m now working in a new professional role that I never expected (or prepared!) to fill. This program has already empowered me to grow and achieve in all of the roles I fill — employee, neighbor, student, citizen. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to spend my last year of college working with The Buffalo Project/SPEC because this program gave me an opportunity to build a diverse set of skills (writing, technology, cultural competency) that will serve me both personally and professionally for years to come.
– Mikayla Schneiter

Upcoming Events

Join this free, three-week course where you’ll build and/or develop the communication, persuasion, teamwork, and diversity skills, necessary for success in a business setting. Other topics include: project management, administration, and budget. Interested in enrolling? Fill out the interest form to learn more.

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